Kaufman Medical Group has provided medical experts for opinions on difficult cases. Kaufman Medical Group is your one-stop to obtain the highest quality experts from any specialty. These experts are available for case review, opinion, deposition and trial testimony. Kaufman Medical Group experts maintain the highest ethical standards and are known for their perspicacity. Kaufman Medical Group experts are hand-picked for their experience, integrity, comfortability as public speakers and calm under fire which make them ideal witnesses in deposition and trial testimony.

Expert Testimony

Kaufman Medical Group experts are hand selected and the top of their fields. They work expeditiously and are extremely thorough.

TV, Radio, Media

Dr. Kaufman is an on-air medical expert for Channel 9 Denver NBC and CBS affiliates and has a local radio show in Denver. He has appeared as on American Ninja Warrior and is comfortable in front of large audiences and live events/TV. Dr. Kaufman excels at motivating a crowd and his TV experience has afforded him the ability to work on many fascinating projects, TV shows and live event announcing. Dr. Kaufman can make your next event sing. See below for a video.