Dr. Noah Kaufman has deep experience motivating and educating a wide variety of businesses, schools and organizations with entertaining & educational content. His keynote presentation expertise includes: Medical/legal Expert Witness Testimony Pearls, Tax Solutions for Physicians: Keep More of What You Earn, The Art of Emergency Medicine: Trusting Your Gut, and a wide variety of lectures on wellness and spiritual health.

Expert Testimony

Dr. Kaufman has provided opinion on difficult cases and is available for case review and opinion. He maintains the highest ethical standard and is known for his perspicacity. Dr. Kaufman will remark much deeper than his opinion about Standard of Care, he actively devises strategy and thoughtful analysis of the MDM decision tree. His comfortability as a public speaker and calm under fire makes him an ideal witness in deposition and trial testimony.

TV, Radio, Media

Dr. Kaufman is the Channel 9 Denver NBC affiliate on-air medical expert and has a local radio show in Denver. He has appeared as talent on American Ninja Warrior for 7 seasons and is comfortable in front of large audiences and live events/TV. Dr. Kaufman excels at motivating a crowd and his TV experience has afforded him the ability to work on many fascinating projects, TV shows and live event announcing. Dr. Kaufman can make your next event sing.

Nothing is as important as your health

Dr. Kaufman is available for concierge medicine, consultation, medical advice and second opinions as well as media appearances and public speaking engagements.

Let the Kaufman Medical Group, Inc. tailor an event to suit your needs and help you reach your goals. Please look through the above menu tabs to learn more about how Dr. Kaufman's philosophies can positively impact your organization.

Together, we can make the world a healthier, more enjoyable place.

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