Kaufman Medical Group

Our Approach

Dr. Kaufman founded Kaufman Medical Group with a clear mission to make the world healthier, smarter and safer. Our approach tackles this mission head on by providing true professional, tailored work for our clients. Critical thinking is woefully lacking from many expert witnesses, educators and speakers. Dr. Kaufman brings his extensive experience, knowledge base and convictions to his work and to his clients. He is a critical thinker and dives deep to bring value to his clients.

Meet the Team

Kaufman Medical Group is a group of medical and legal professionals who have joined forces to create value for our clients.

Noah T. Kaufman, MD

Founder & CEO

Dr. Kaufman has been an attending, Board Certified emergency physician for 13 years post training. He has no medical claims to date. He is an educator and TV celebrity as well as an experienced medical legal expert.

Siemay C. Lee, MD

Vice President

Dr. Lee is a practicing Board Certified primary care physician with a keen knack for research and acts as the behind-the-scenes integrator for Kaufman Medical Group. She contributes her vast experience to round out the team.

Linda L. Kaufman, Esq.

CLO & Adviser

Linda provides the team with adroit legal help and counsel. She is heavily involved with pro bono work and has championed several causes. Linda reviews copy and educational materials for Kaufman Medical Group

See What the Kaufman Medical Group can do for you

Whether it is expert testimony and opinion, or public speaking engagements, let Kaufman Medical Group show you how we are redefining Quality.