The Kaufman Medical Group, Inc. understands the frustrations of modern medicine, heavy debt loads, taxes and the financial stress of being a modern day physician. Hire Kaufman Medical Group to educate you or your group about the versatility of Options Trading, Cryptocurrency Investing, Portfolio Construction and Hedging with options.

Medical Expert Testimony

The Kaufman Medical Group provides expert review, opinion, deposition & testimony for our colleagues in the legal profession via our founder, Dr. Noah Kaufman. Justice requires integrity, resolve, experience and knowledge. Let Dr. Kaufman share a new way to approach your cases.

TV/Radio & Public Speaking

Take advantage of Dr. Kaufman's deep media and public speaking experience and his platform as the 9News Denver KUSA on-air Medical Expert. Dr. Kaufman is an adroit public speaker, educator and has a knack for making health and motivation fun and engaging. Please see our portfolio.


Busy professionals have very little time for their finances, but we often trust professionals who often do very little with our money. Options provide a way for physicians to earn an extra monthly percentage on their stock positions while hedging against downside risk. There are many strategies and Kaufman Medical Group is highly skilled at teaching this amazing field in a straightforward manner. Most physicians earn many multiples of the consultant/education fee on their first trade. Dr. Kaufman will personally coach physicians through their first trades and option writing. Contact us for group discounts and rates.

Public Speaking

Dr. Kaufman has used his celebrity status to entertain and inspire numerous organizations from schools and universities to businesses, rotaries and beyond. As a fixture on Denver's Channel 9 News, Dr, Kaufman educates and entertains and his inspirational Keynote can be tailored to specific audiences, themes and times. Common topics for Physician Groups and Conferences are: Options Trading 101 for Physicians, Cryptocurrency Trading 101 for Physicians, Modern Portfolio Construction for Physicians, and more. Please contact us about your public speaking and motivational needs.


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